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The Affordable Price of Industrial Warehouse for Rent with High Standard Quality

November 03, 2021



Cheap doesn't mean worthless. That's a phrase we often hear to describe something sold at a low price. Likewise, we offer cheap industrial warehouses for rent does not mean that we deny quality standards.

Affordable Price Industrial Warehouse for Rent

We are still committed to providing warehousing with excellent quality standards. Our commitments regarding the low-cost storeroom rentals must meet the following criteria.

1. Located in Strategic Regions

Location is the first consideration before you choose a store to rent. You may select a stockroom because of low price considerations. However, do not overlook the location.
The strategic location makes the distribution process run well. At the same time, the storage space must also have large-scale logistics properties.
A large warehouse allows you to store your items effectively, which you can save money on.

2. Comply with International Standards

Giving low prices for leasing industrial storage is easy but not easy to maintain quality. Many warehouse rental services provide low prices but ultimately sacrifice the quality aspect.
This is what you should be aware of as a tenant.
One of the criteria for warehousing services with international standards is that many multinational companies use their warehouses.
Look for warehousing rental services with international standards. It includes the specification of properties and other parameters.
This is very important because it concerns security, including the long-term success of warehousing activities.

3. Have Professional Resources

You should look for affordable industrial warehouse rentals with professional resources. You need their presence to handle technical matters.
Generally, modern industrial store rental services have reliable technicians to help you when you get problems with electricity, equipment, etc.
In addition, affordable price warehouse rental also has special personnel for maintaining buildings, gardens, etc.
This includes cleaning staff to ensure that all parts inside and outside the warehouse area are clean.
A clean warehouse can minimize damage to the stock of goods that have a high risk of being damaged quickly, such as food, beverages, cosmetic products, etc.


4. Have an Integrated Security System

Don't just be tempted to rent a warehouse at a low price but ignore the security aspects inside and outside the warehouse.
The warehouse you rent must have an integrated security system. You should also ensure the building has access control management, video monitoring, video inspection, and analysis for optimal site security.
It also includes completeness of equipment, such as CCTV, surveillance cameras, even drones - if needed.
Included in the security system is the availability of adequate security personnel to secure all factory facilities.

Industrial Warehouse at SLP

Just like warehouse services at SLP, we also provide affordable rental prices. The prices we offer are low but still, pay attention to the quality aspect.
We offer six types of storage (from Block A1 to E2) with different sizes and prices. It is up to you to select one of them.
Regarding the guarantee of stockroom security and cleanliness, you don't have to worry about that. We have an integrated security system and 24-hour CCTV cameras.
Cleaners are also available to ensure the cleanliness of all parts of the building.
If you want easy transportation access, you can cooperate with us. We are located in the Suryacipta City of Industry, a strategic industrial estate with easy access to ports, airports, railway stations, etc.
An Affordable price industrial warehouse for rent is really attractive to all producers to save more money. But don't worry, we have what you want. Please contact SLP if you need further information.

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