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Strategy for Achieving Greater Profits with B2 Warehouse

November 03, 2021


Many companies choose to rent an integrated warehouse with production space, known as a B2 warehouse. It means uniting a warehouse and factory in one area or building. The main benefit is to achieve greater profits.

B2 Warehouse

Having an industrial hub and factory in one building has several advantages. Here are some of the benefits you can get.

1. Reducing Production Costs

You cannot provide competitive prices, one of which is due to high production costs. Here, one of the most significant components of production costs is transportation costs.
Many companies are unable to compete due to high production costs. Therefore, uniting factories and storehouses can keep transportation costs as low as possible.
You no longer complain about the distance from raw materials to the store, then to the production points. B2 storage model can overcome the high cost of production.

2. Increase Company Revenue

If you can reduce production costs, the company's income will automatically increase. Using the light industrial strategy is one way to increase product competitiveness in the market.
The key to success is how to achieve the highest possible sales target by providing competitive prices. Low prices will attract more people to buy, which in turn will increase the company's profit.

3. Save Distribution Time

Renting a warehouse with a B2 warehouse system can also save distribution trade time.
It is suitable for increasing the company’s productivity and ensuring the condition of the raw materials received before the production process.
With a short distribution time, the condition of raw materials will be maintained; product quality will remain good, and reduce defective products.


4. Speed up the Stocking Process

Another advantage of uniting warehouses and factories in one place or the B2 storehouse method is to speed up the stocking process.
Generally, you can predict the demand for a product in the market by observing previous sales habits. However, there are times when demand soars suddenly.
You could fail to meet this demand due to slow storage processes or warehouse unpreparedness.

5. Ease of Monitoring

Another advantage is that it makes monitoring easier. B2 Integrating warehouses and factories in one building will be beneficial because it is easier to control products in real-time.
If there is a problem in the industrial space, for example, management can immediately take appropriate steps. They are easy to do because they understand the field conditions.

B2 Warehouse at SLP

We ensure that our warehouse is integrated with the industrial estate factory. SLP is located in a modern industrial estate, precisely in Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang.
We carry out all warehousing and production activities in the area owned by PT Suryacipta Swadaya.
We can take the benefits as discussed in the article above. For companies interested in renting warehouses and factories in SLP, we have a wide selection of types and prices.
The following are several types of warehouses available at SLP:

  • Block A1 (16 units, size 2,160 sqm/unit).

  • Block A2 (12 units, size 2,304 sqm/unit).

  • Block C2 (built to suit a warehouse, size 1,560 sqm/unit).

  •  Block D (units of the warehouse, size 600-960 sqm/unit).

  • Block E1 (units of a multipurpose building, size 600-1200 sqm/unit).

  •  Block E2 (units of multipurpose building, size 1680 or 2340 sqm/unit).

We make sure all customers get our best service. Contact us if you need more information about the B2 warehouse.

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