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Considerations before Expanding Business to Indonesia

October 01, 2021


You deserve congratulations as the business continues to grow and you are now planning to expand your business. However, there are some important considerations before expanding business to Indonesia.

Considerations before Expanding Business
The following considerations should you pay attention to so that your new business is growing.

     1.Prepare Careful Planning
The first consideration before expanding your business is to have an expansion plan. You should again use a SWOT analysis as part of a careful new business expansion plan.
Just find a good reason why you need to expand your business, how is the development of the business so far, and what is the new target?
You can expand your business because you already have regular customers, sales are smooth, and market demand increases.

     2.Bigger Funds
What you should consider carefully before growing your business is a larger capital? You must prepare additional funds to pay for new employees, rent a new office or warehouse, etc.
For business expansion capital, you can use the profits from sales.
During the expansion process, there will be a possibility of disrupted cash flow for operating costs. However, this is a normal condition when you have an expansion plan.

     3.Cooperation with Other Companies
Another strategy you can consider when you want to expand your business scale is collaborating with various companies.
It is your chance to make a profit. Collaborate immediately and don't delay negotiating with partners who have different visions.
The business owner will get new opportunities, targets, and innovations from that collaboration to create a better market.

      4.The Right Marketing Strategy
Success in expanding the product and service also depends on how the marketing strategy is. It is the next consideration before expanding business.
All you have to do is survey expanding your business. The goal is that the high promotional costs you spend can be right on target.
To develop a marketing research, you need to consult with an agency to succeed in your business expansion. Do promotions continuously so that consumers are more aware of your new products.


     5.Making New Innovation
One of the main considerations for business expansion is reaching new targets. From the results of the market research, you need innovation to attract more significant new customers.
However, making innovations does not mean eliminating the characteristics of your product. You must maintain the feature to distinguish it from other products.

     6.Need Larger Warehouse and Factory
Before expanding your business, one more thing you should consider has a broader warehouse or factory to operate and store your production goods.
We offer a modern warehouse and factory system located in a strategic industrial area in Karawang, West Java.
NLP has various types and sizes of warehouses that you can rent according to your factory's production capacity.
We are located in the Suryacipta City of Industry, with easy road access for land, sea, and air.
The facilities available in our warehouse are also complete with the support of a high-security system. All guarantee your goods are safe while in the warehouse.

Those are our tips as well as considerations before expanding business to Indonesia. We offer storage with all the facilities available. Just contact PT SLP Surya Ticon Internusa (SLP) for more info. 

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