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B2 Factory for Rent for Reasons of Space Efficiency

November 03, 2021


Combining office and production space in one building is trending now. This integrated system is known as B2 (factory and workshop). Now, many entrepreneurs are also interested in B2 factories for rent for reasons of space efficiency.
The combination of factories and workshops is not only for space efficiency reasons but also provides other advantages.

B2 Factory for Rent

Following are the functions of workshops in industrial spaces for rent.

  • Repair Room

A workshop in the rental B2 industrial factory is a place to repair damaged spare parts for production machines. The damage can occur suddenly during the production process or planned repairs.
With the workshop, handling repairs can be faster. The advantage is that the machine can immediately operate again and reduce time losses due to damage to the production machine.

  • Manufacturing of Spare Parts

Workshops in light industrial factories are also helpful as a place for making spare parts or machine components. At the same time, it can reduce losses because you can immediately replace a damaged production machine.

  • Improvement Trial

You can use the workshop in the B2 factory for rental as a place to do improvement trials related to production machines.
The purpose of improvement is to get the maximum performance of the production machine. This trial is easier in the workshop because it supplies wind, water, and electric power.


  • New Engine Installer

The workshop also functions as a place to install or fabricate new machines before they are installed in the production area.
With this workshop, you don't have to worry about adding production machines due to an increase in market demand.
It also makes it easier for the teamwork in the B2 manufacturer for rent to install new machines.

  • Mobilizing Team Work

The workshop is also helpful for coordinating or mobilizing the movement of teamwork before they start working.
Before doing core work, each team member usually attends a briefing or meeting to discuss work.
It can also serve to analyze problems to find solutions on production machines.

  • Material Storage

The workshop can also function as a B2 warehouse to store materials used to repair or develop production machines. Workshops in rental factories allow you to save on warehouse rental costs.

B2 Rental Factory at SLP

SLP also offers a B2 factory for rent facility that integrates a factory and mezzanine office in one space to meet customer demands.
Just like the function of the workshop above, the mezzanine office in the production area is also intended to save space and costs.
The factory buildings are designed according to international standards. This allows employees to work comfortably and freely even though they are in the same room as production.
We provide this B2 warehouse and factory for SME companies or startups that are just starting a business. They are looking for an efficient business for rent, one of which is by combining factories and offices in one building.
If you are interested in renting a factory B2 at SLP, we provide ready-to-use factories with sizes of 60 m x 75 m and 60 m x 80 m.
It is an ideal space to combine a mezzanine office with a production space. Feel free to contact us at SLP if you need our service.

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