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5 Reasons to Rent A Warehouse for a Short Term Period

June 17, 2021

The insecure business condition forces entrepreneurs to keep expenses as low as possible. One of the cost savings that entrepreneurs do is reduce property rental costs. They choose to rent a warehouse for a short term period.

Why Does Renting Warehouse Short Term Periodically More Efficient? 
Many business people prefer renting warehouses short term periodically rather than yearly for reasons of being more efficient.

  •     More Affordable

If you want to reduce warehouse costs, renting a storehouse for a short term period is the most appropriate way. With a short term period rent, it becomes more affordable.
Moreover, if you are just starting a business and are in a big city, renting for a year is definitely expensive.
We recommend that you choose a warehouse once-a-short term period only. After the business grows and you have a lot of stock to store, you need to consider annual real estate rentals.

  •     You Can Choose a Strategic Location

Location is often a major consideration for manufacturers when choosing an industrial space and an office space. There are many benefits if the property is in a strategic location, such as easy to meet clients, saving transportation costs, etc.
If your choice is leasing storage for a short term period, you can shift your rental budget to pick up a more strategic location. Remember, the more strategic the store location, the more expensive the rental fee will be.

  •     Owner is More Focused on Company Development

One way that your new company can grow quickly is to reduce the cost of space for lease. Short term period warehouse rental can be an alternative to save company expenses.
You can more freely use the rental budget for company developments, such as improving promotions, network marketing, services, quality of human resources, and product innovation.


  •      Easy to Move

The advantage of renting a property for a short term period, if it doesn't match, you can move immediately!
Hiring a storehouse for a long period of time, for example annually, is risky. It is because we never know how our business will grow in the future, whether it can grow or not.
The risk of workspace rental annually, we have to spend the contract period even though the business does not develop as expected. Unlike if we rent short term periodically, we can immediately move if the place is not matching.

  •       Converted to Annual Rent

Another advantage of hiring a workshop for a short term period is that you can convert the duration of the lease into an annual rental if your business grows and develops.
You only need to meet with the warehouse owner to discuss changing the rental agreement from a short term period to annual rentals.

Why is Renting a Warehouse at SLP More Profitable?
PT. SLP Surya Ticon Internusa (SLP) has a modern warehouse for rent. We offer the best commercial property with a choice of rental duration, short term period and yearly.

There will always be pros and cons. However, if your business is just growing and developing, we recommend that you take a short term period warehouse rental.
We have a large selection of types and sizes at competitive prices, even at triple net lease. If your business operates in the Jabodetabek and Karawang areas, for instance, it is recommended to join us at SLP.
We have various attractive offers, such as a maximum security system of 24 hours, international standard quality, environmentally friendly, available green open spaces, etc.

If you want to rent a warehouse for a short term period, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at SLP Surya Ticon Internusa

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