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Small B1 Industrial Space for Rent for Light Industries

December 06, 2021


Small B1 industrial space for rent is growing along with the growth of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There are several types of B1 industry, known as light industry, which are suitable for renting this factory.

Small B1 Industrial Space for Rent

Here are some types of businesses that can rent small B1 industrial space. 

1. Drug Industry

The medicine business is one of the industries that produce ready-to-use goods for consumption.

This industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia, especially small and medium scale. Many pharmaceutical industries rent small B1 industrial space to produce their goods.

This type of light industry is suitable for renting a small factory since it has a small production capacity, so it does not require an ample production space.

Traditional and herbal medicine companies can lease B1 factories as well.


2. Food Industry

Another ready-built industry for consumption is the food industry. Various types of food products are sold in the Indonesian market, ranging from snacks, fast food, etc.

Due to the increasing market demand, the company increased its production volume by renting small manufacturing space, adjusting its production capacity.

Before you rent a factory, you must consider several things regarding the requirements of a food factory.

For example, the factory building must ensure that processed foods are free from dangerous biological materials such as microbes, parasites, etc.

At the same time, the factory layout ensures the orderliness of processing activities and the avoidance of contamination.

3. Beverage Industry

As the market for various beverage products grows, the need for mills to process beverage products are increasing as well.

There are many small B1 industrial factory spaces for rent to answer market needs.  Just like the food industry, they don't need big factories because most of them are SMEs.

Beverage products also require special treatment. Therefore, manufactory conditions must be completely sterile from various disturbances, rodents, etc.

The mill must also be clean and always well maintained to ensure that the leased factory meets health standards.

4. Clothing Industry

The clothing industry is also a type of light industry that produces ready-to-use consumer goods. This industry is growing fast, especially when it comes to modes that are changing rapidly.

Many clothing manufacturers rent narrow B1 factories to produce fast as consumer fashion tastes.

Because textile products are highly flammable, you must ensure that the factory you rent has high safety standards. Also, make sure there are plenty of fire extinguishers in the factory, etc.

Small Factory for Rent at SLP

As a provider of factory rentals of various sizes, we understand what small industries need in developing their business. SLP offers a B1 factory with a small capacity.

We provide a small factory in Suryacipta City of Industry, Kawarang, suitable for SMEs. You can also use the multifunctional factory space as an office or warehouse space.

SLP offers two ready-built mills of different sizes, as follows:

  • Rental Factory B1 (size 30 m x 75 m and 35 m x 75 m).
  • Rental Factory B2 (size 60 m x 75 m and 60 m x 80 m).

You can choose according to your production capacity. We offer small b1 industrial space for rent atis also increasing competitive prices. So, don't miss this opportunity. Contact us if you need further information.

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