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Know More About Industrial Unit for Rent in Indonesia

November 03, 2021


Every company needs warehouse spaces to store logistics, raw materials, and equipment. In Indonesia, you don't need to build your warehouse because you can choose an industrial unit for rent.

Warehouses have several types and their respective functions. So, before you rent an industrial unit, you should know its style and function.

Industrial Unit for Rent in Indonesia 

There are at least five types of storage you need to know. Here are five types and their benefits.

1. Private Warehouse

Retail companies, suppliers, and resellers generally prefer private warehouses to store their goods.
Retailers, for example, store goods from supplier factories in industrial units for later distribution to their stores.
Usually, although spacious, shop buildings do not have adequate storage and office space. Therefore, retail companies need private storerooms for rent to facilitate the distribution process.

2. General Warehouse

As the name implies, everyone can get this type of industrial storage space for rent. However, practically, this storehouse is mainly used by retailers who need additional storage space.
Another function of the general property is also to store goods with a short validity period. You can easily find them in industrial and factory areas.

3. Climate-Controlled Warehouse

If you have a frozen food and beverage business, you need a climate-controlled warehouse to store various products that require special handling, such as temperature regulation in warehouses, etc.
Ice cream companies also use this special warehouse with a fairly cold temperature. In terms of shape and facilities, climate-controlled units are very different from ordinary stores.
Since it is a particular storage area, it requires special handling as well. Otherwise, the stored product will be damaged or unfit for distribution.


4. Auto Warehouse

Based on high technology, this type of automated warehouse for rent is almost entirely computer and robotic.
In this storage, almost the entire warehousing process uses an automated system. It starts from the process of arriving, storage, to redistribute.
Since it is fully automated, all facilities in the storehouse require special handling. In Indonesia, this warehouse has started to develop.

5. Distribution Center 

A distribution center is an industrial stockroom rental for several products in a short period.
This warehouse is suitable as temporary storage before the distribution process to various suppliers. However, distribution centers usually have a relatively large capacity.
The stored goods will usually arrive in the morning and be distributed at night. Because they have solid and limited working hours, the facilities are also as needed.

Industrial Unit at SLP

SLP provides various industrial units with various functions, as mentioned above. If you are looking for an industrial unit for rent, you can choose one of the types we offer below:

  • Block A1 (16 units, size 2,160 sqm/unit).

  •  Block A2 (12 units, size 2,304 sqm/unit).

  • Block C2 (built to suit a warehouse, size 1,560 sqm/unit).

  •  Block D (units of the warehouse, size 600-960 sqm/unit).

  •  Block E1 (units of a multipurpose building, size 600-1200 sqm/unit).

  • Block E2 (units of multipurpose building, size 1680 or 2340 sqm/unit).

The six industrial units above have maximum security systems, such as 24-hour CCTV, to ensure conditions inside and outside the warehouse are safely under control. We also have security officers on duty 24 hours.
As a modern warehouse, SLP adopts an international standard management system. All facilities are integrated and computerized.
Our warehouse location is also strategic, so you don't have to worry about any obstacles in shipping/distribution. If you want an industrial unit for rent at SLP, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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