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Industrial Estate, Smart Choice for Cheap Factory for Rent

September 17, 2021

Many manufacturers prefer a cheap factory for rent for reasons of cost efficiency. You are not wrong because the cost of renting a property is one of the large company expenses.

So, if you want to rent a factory at an affordable price, then choosing a factory in an industrial estate is a smart choice.

Cheap Factory for Rent
There are many reasons why choosing a manufactory in an industrial area is cheaper for rent. Below are the considerations.

  • Complete Infrastructure and Facilities

The complete infrastructure and facilities is the first reason why renting a warehouse in an industrial estate is cheaper.
Factories in industrial cities generally have integrated infrastructure and facilities, such as electricity, gas, water, road, etc. You can get cheaper factories for rent because you don't have to build road infrastructure from scratch.
The factory in the industrial zone also provides comfort and convenience for great accessibility to transportation and production distribution since it is close to ports and highways.

  • No Construction License Required

Building a warehouse in an industrial region does not require a building permit. So the factory owners can save investment capital while accelerating the production process.
You have not only obtained a building permit but also obtained an environmental permit. This is one of the advantages of renting a factory in an industrial estate.
Why industrial cities can offer cheap property for rent because the factory owners do not charge the tenants for building permits.


  • Land is Available

Finding land for factory construction is not an easy job. You will face a complicated bureaucratic process. You will also be dealing with residents around the warehouse.
On the other hand, renting a factory in an industrial estate will be free from the problems of bureaucracy and residents around the factory.
The property owner also does not need to incur additional costs for 'safety' for residents around the manufacturing warehouse.
It means that you as a tenant get a cheaper warehouse for rent because you do not have to share the burden of that cost.

  • Attractive Government Incentives

All factories operating in industrial cities will receive special treatment from the government. The Indonesian government has issued a regulation on guaranteed tax incentives for investors who build factories in industrial regions.
The government provides incentives in the form of local tax reductions, such as land and building taxes, Public Street lighting taxes, etc.
This is a direct advantage for those of you who rent factories in industrial zones. The incentive indirectly makes the low-cost factory to rent.

Factory Rental in SLP
If you are looking for a factory to rent at an affordable price, you can contact PT. SLP Surya Ticon Internusa (SLP).
Established in 2015, we offer modern factory rentals in the Karawang Industrial Estate. It is precisely located at Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang, West Java, Indonesia.
We are open to all industrial sectors, starting from the automotive, electronics, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries, etc.
The facilities in our rental factory are also complete. You will enjoy 24-hour CCTV for high security standards, green open spaces, street lighting, power plants, etc.

Just like other factories in the industrial estates, we also dare to offer a cheap factory for rent with complete facilities. If you are interested and need more information, don't hesitate to contact SLP Surya Ticon Internusa. 

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