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History and Development of Indonesia Warehouse Industry

October 01, 2021

As one of the countries with the rapid development of the manufacturing industry, Indonesia’s warehouse industry is also growing quickly. There are many growth triggers, one of which is the development of e-commerce.
Warehousing History
The history of Indonesian logistics and warehousing began when this country entered the stage of industrial development. The rapid development of the companies in Indonesia has encouraged the growth of the Indonesian warehouse business.
Since many foreign companies enter Indonesia, they trigger the increasing demand for storage of goods. Not surprisingly, storehouse rental services appear everywhere.
Indonesia has a strong attraction for foreign investors since this country has a good future outlook. The large population of multinational companies also shifts their production base to Indonesia.
Of course, they need a large property to store their manufactured goods. The workplace must also meet international standards with modern management.
Modern Warehousing
E-commerce has changed the map of the warehousing business in Indonesia. Over time, the history and development of storage in Indonesia have also shifted function.
With various goods circulating through digital outlets, the warehouse model has shifted from a traditional to a modern warehouse with several facilities as needed.
The significant difference between conventional and modern stores lies in the physical building, i.e., building structure, loading docks capability, building height, floor loading, etc.
Modern storehouses also include the process of storing goods from suppliers, quality control, storage, order, packaging, and express delivery of goods to customers.
In its development, the Indonesian property industry has the characteristics of targeting fast-moving consumer goods companies and has multifunctional facilities.
Another added service is a skilled and professional workforce to ensure the entire warehousing performance runs effectively and efficiently.

Warehousing Industry Partner
The development of online business in Indonesia also causes the demand for leasing modern storehouses as well as the logistics and warehousing market.
Some online trading sectors require workshops as logistics storage places.
E-commerce is the first business sector that needs storage to store the stock of goods. Online e-commerce businesses do not have physical offices, but they still need a warehouse.
The online clothing business also requires a warehouse to store stock of fabrics and apparel. The clothes workshop is not only spacious but also safe at the right temperature.
The following partner of Indonesia's warehouse industry is the food business. As food storage, owners usually modify the warehouse as an anti-freeze room.
Likewise, retail business needs a large property so that stocking goods at retail branches becomes easier.
A cosmetic is another online business that requires a particular stock storage area to maintain the quality of the goods.
Modern Warehouse at SLP
As a modern warehouse rental company, SLP is committed to continuously improving its services to meet international standards truly.
We provide various facilities and excellent service to ensure that all partners who rent our warehouses are met with their needs.
We are currently partnering with foreign companies operating in Indonesia.
As one of the experienced leading companies in Indonesia, SLP also has a modern warehouse with a sophisticated system.
Our warehouse location is also strategic, right in Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang, West Java.
We also implement a complete security system with 24-hour CCTV camera monitoring.
Another advantage, our warehouse is located in an environmentally friendly area that utilizes green open space as a natural landscape.
SLP is an example of the Indonesian warehouse industry that implements modern warehousing management. If you are interested, please contact SLP management directly.

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