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Good Location Selection of an Industrial Factory for Rent

November 03, 2021



It is essential for you before picking an industrial factory for rent in Indonesia to consider the location. Choosing the right mill location will affect your business plans going forward.
Opening a business in Indonesia must carefully think about various factors that influence business development in this country.
Choosing an industrial factory location to rent is also essential since it is directly related to its production performance.

Industrial Factory for Rent

You have to consider several things when choosing the location of industrial works to rent in Indonesia. Here are the considerations.

1. Climate and Geography

The first consideration before you rent an industrial mill is the climatic and geographical conditions.
Every country has a different climate, including Indonesia. Topology or natural conditions influence climate differences, such as large open spaces, etc.
This is the reason you need to choose a manufacturing factory following the surrounding natural conditions.
Another consideration is local geographical conditions which are closely related to topology, drainage, and soil conditions.
The geographical location is also important, for example where the factory is built, in mountainous areas, near the coast, on land, etc. They require a comprehensive study.

2. Environmental and Ecological Issues

Another thing you should consider in choosing the location of an industrial factory to rent is environmental and ecological issues.
The environmental issue here is about the disposal of factory waste.
Companies should consider the disposal of factory waste such as dust, toxins, and metals not to pollute the environment.

3. Distance

The distance can also be a severe problem, so you should consider it carefully for industrial factory rentals.
Regarding distance, some things to consider include procurement and delivery of raw materials, proximity to markets, availability of labor, supply chain infrastructure, and logistics.
Also, consider the following:

  • The distance between vendor and factory.

  • The distance between the company and warehouses and distribution centers.

  • Lower cost to reach customers. 

4. Flexibility

Last but not least, consideration regarding the location of industrial factories for lease is flexible. It means that you can flexibly move at any time.
Your business has been running smoothly, and properties are starting to lack space to support production. Of course, you need to rent a factory with a larger capacity.
The strategic location and easy access make it easier for you to expand the factory you will rent.


Industrial Factory at SLP

If location is one of the considerations for renting an industrial factory, we have a suitable modern factory for you to rent. It is also strategically located since it is in the Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang.
There are two types and sizes of industrial factories that you can choose from.

  • Factory B1 (size 30 x 75 m and 35 x 75 m). 

  • Factory B2 (size 60 x 75 m and 60 x 80 m).

We designed those industrial factories with multipurpose functions with 3 loading docks and separate doors each.
If you are looking for an industrial factory for rent in Indonesia, we are ready to serve you as the plant capacity you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us at SLP in the Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang.

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