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Considerations before Choosing Food Factory for Rent

November 03, 2021

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Every food factory must meet quality standards (food safety) or what is known as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. Including the food factory for rent, you must pay attention to health, consumption, etc.

Food Factory for Rent

Before hiring a food factory, there are some essential things you need to consider. Here are some crucial tips.

1. Factory Location

Food contamination can occur due to a dirty environment. So, choosing a factory space location without pollution is a mandatory requirement.
Here are some considerations when you choose a food factory location to rent:

  • Far from polluted industrial sites.

  • Not in a flooded area due to poor drainage.

  • Free from pest nests, especially rats.

  • Away from landfills or used goods.

  • Far from densely populated settlements (slums).

2. Factory Buildings and Facilities

GMP guidelines require that buildings, equipment, and manufacturing facilities must meet food quality and safety standards.
The factory building must ensure that food processing is free from dangerous biological materials such as microbes, parasites, etc.
Various pests such as rodents, birds, and insects are also not easy to enter the food factory warehouse you rent.
At the same time, the factory layout ensures the orderliness of processing activities and the avoidance of contamination.

3. Processing Room

Consider whether the processing room is large enough to accommodate all equipment and materials, including freedom for employee movement.
The processing room of food mills should be easy to maintain and clean.
Floors and walls are made of waterproof and robust material, so they are easy to clean. At the same time, the condition must be clean from dust and other impurities.
For windows and vents, it is necessary to have wire netting to prevent the entry of insects. The processing room must always be clean and free of garbage as well.


4. Factory Room Equipment

Before deciding on a lease, you should ensure the factory has comfortable processing space such as lighting to help employees do their jobs carefully.
In addition to lighting, including equipment in the factory room is ventilation. This equipment is vital to keep the air in the room fresh.
A good factory room also has an airflow system to control the air temperature so that the space remains clean.
Another requirement, in the processing room, there should be a place for washing hands complete with soap and a dryer.

5. Waste Disposal and Sanitation

You make sure the unit for rent has a good water and waste disposal system, such as drains.
The sewers are designed so as not to contaminate clean water and food sources.
A good factory also has sanitation facilities to ensure that processing space and equipment are well maintained.
The room must be clean to ensure food products are free of microbes and other impurities.

Factory Rent at SLP

We also offer food manufacturers that meet food safety standards. From the factory, location to waste treatment, refer to GMP guidelines.
SLP meets environmental safety requirements since it is located in a modern industrial estate.
Factory buildings are also free from the risk of contamination of various hazardous biological materials. Likewise, the processing room is always kept clean from dust and other impurities.
We equip the factory room with ventilation to allow air circulation to keep the room fresh. Do not forget waste disposal and sanitation are also well maintained.
If you want a food factory for rent, feel free to contact us at SLP. We are always ready for you.

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