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Businesses That Need Warehouse to Store Goods

October 01, 2021


For manufacturing companies, having a warehouse is a must. Some businesses need a warehouse to store their logistics and production goods. What business?

Businesses That Need Warehouse
Here are some types of businesses that require a warehouse of goods.

The growth of online businesses has driven the increasing demand for warehousing services to store their manufactured goods.
An e-commerce business does not have an office to operate. But it requires a warehouse facility to store logistics and goods ordered by buyers.

The retail business is similar to selling consumer goods. The company requires a storage unit to store the stock of goods sold.
Generally, in the retail industry, for efficiency reasons, the place of sale is in the exact location as the storage space.
However, since the business is proliferating and the stock of goods is increasing, business owners build warehouses separately from the place of sale.
The warehouse is not only functioning as additional storage but also facilitating the process of stocking goods.


      Vehicle Dealers
Another type of business that requires warehouse space is a motor vehicle dealer manufacturer. Many dealers are using the showroom as a place for displaying and selling and as a storage space.
However, when demand increases and the types of display vehicles increase, dealer owners must separate their store from the showroom.
For the procurement of the property, they can build their building or with a rental system.

Fashion is a short period of time. It means that this type of business must always follow the development of the model.
Nowadays, fashion models change very quickly. To meet buyer demand, fashion businessmen must also have stock of items that buyers are looking for.
The increasing stock forced the shop owners to have a large storage warehouse.

Food companies also need storehouses. In contrast to non-consumable goods workplaces, food warehouses require special treatment with adequate facilities.
Generally, warehouse owners turn it into a frozen room to store food with a short expiration date. It is intended to keep food and beverage products fresh.

Just like food and beverages, cosmetic products also require ample and sterile storage. It also requires a special place to maintain the quality of the goods.
Moreover, cosmetics are the same as the world of women with a very acute sense. So, maintaining product quality is a must.

All Warehouses Available in SLP
Whatever business you are running now, SLP is always there for you.
We provide properties for various types of businesses, both food, and non-food industries. You can choose a rental warehouse according to the size and type of your product.
We are ready to serve business people in the automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, cosmetic, etc.
Companies that rent our warehouses are not only local companies but also multinational companies operating in Indonesia.
To meet customer demand for goods, we also have a warehouse with a unique design for goods with short expiry dates.
It includes additional facilities to ensure that the storage area is completely hygienic and free from nuisances such as mice, cockroaches, etc.

Don't hesitate to rent our warehouse. We are ready to work with businesses that need a warehouse. You can contact PT SLP Surya Ticon Internusa (SLP) for more info.

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