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Knowing the Characteristics of Modern Warehouse Indonesia

September 07, 2021

The warehousing rental business is growing rapidly. Along with the increase in customer needs, modern warehouse Indonesia grows as well. There are changes in the characteristics and functions of modern warehouses.

Characteristics of Modern Warehouse
Indonesia has many modern warehouses for rent out to manufacturers with various advantages and other facilities. Here are the characteristics.

  •      The Purpose has Changed

The characteristics of modern properties in Indonesia have changed at this time. Technological developments have forced goods manufacturers to change management systems in order to meet customer needs.
Trading transactions are also currently undergoing a fundamental change, from conventional to online trading.
This trade trend has triggered the emergence of e-commerce business. Currently, e-commerce is growing rapidly along with the development of online sales.
This increase in online sales has led to growth of the demand for warehousing rental services.

  •      The Function has increased

Manufacturers need a wider storage to meet the needs of increasing stock of goods. The warehouse must also be able to double function in line with the stock of goods stored.
So, the more types of goods sold through the online market, you must have a multifunctional warehouse.
Advances in technology have also triggered an increase in the purpose of storehouses in Indonesia.
In Indonesia's modern warehousing system, all production processes are carried out end-to-end, starting from the process of inbound to outbound (goods are ready to be shipped).
All processes in modern warehouses are computerized so as to reduce human errors.

  •      Good Supply System

Modern storages have an adequate supply system.
Generally, real estate in Indonesia has warehousing management with the support of new technology. It is able to provide services according to consumer needs.
Thanks to the growth of modern warehousing, Indonesia has now become a global logistics hub.


  •     Multi-Function Facilities

Another characteristic of a modern warehouse is that it has multifunctional facilities. With very complete facilities, it can function more efficiently, in accordance with today's warehousing needs.
Some of the facilities/advantages offered by Indonesian modern warehouses are solid building structure, loading docks capability, 24-hour security system, good road access, etc.
As an additional facility, Indonesia's modern property also has a smart building system so that producers can reduce the company's operational costs.
Modern warehouse systems also cover all logistics flows. For this reason, modern workshops have good systems and adequate building structures.
Currently, the digital trading business that implements this entire process flow is fast-moving consumer goods.

SLP Modern Warehousing
In Indonesia, many warehouse rental services offer modern property, one of which is PT SLP Surya Ticon Internusa (SLP).

There are at least two advantages of SLP in providing modern warehouses for rent.
First, in terms of location, SLP is in a strategic location. It is located at Suryacipta City of Industry, Karawang.
The strategic location will facilitate the process of distributing goods from factories, storage, to loading ports.
Second, SLP offers warehouse rental with complete facilities.
We provide 24-hour security guarantee and have integrated infrastructure and facilities, such as electricity, gas, water, road, etc.
For comfort, we also provide a green open space which is usually used as a place to rest for a while.

Last but not least, SLP is the best choice for modern warehouse Indonesia. We are professional and ready to serve your storage needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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